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I’m Shopping in Colombia for My Readers

Colombia Shopping spree: music to my ears!

Let me explain.

Every time I return from Colombia, I get rave reviews on the accessories and home decor items that I bring back.  This week I’m on a Colombia Shopping excursion, in search of beautiful and special items for YOU. Next year I will display my capsule collection for sale in this blog.


Colombia Shopping

Colombia Shopping

Don’t worry, I won’t bring back the usual touristy stuff you find at the airport, which quickly loses its charm once you get home. I can recall having one too many moments of “what was I thinking when I bought this,” after unpacking from a fabulous trip. Instead, I’m sourcing impeccably designed fashion accessories and items of home decor that highlight the best in design from Colombia. Most important, they will be Style Wise and not Trend Foolish!


Colombia Shopping

Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo

Colombia Shopping

Items of home decor from the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo

Colombia Shopping

Dried Silk Flowers



I am energized for the adventure and can’t wait to bring back the best assortment of finds for you.

Hasta Pronto and Stay Tuned!

What to Wear this Thanksgiving

Have you ever found yourself feeling really uncomfortable in your Thanksgiving day outfit? Every year I seem to forget that a Thanksgiving day outfit requires a bit more thought than for most other meal related events.

What to Wear  and not to Wear on Thanksgiving

Why you might ask? Because Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday involves lots of food preparation, constant activity in the kitchen, and larger than usual food and beverage consumption.  Unless someone is waiting on you hand and foot, chances are you are running around directing the activity, or giving a helping hand. This is followed by sitting down and eating and drinking more than usual. For all of this, you need to dress the part. So after years of trial and error, I now make it a point to really put some thought into the question: “What to Wear this Thanksgiving.”

Hear are my DON’TS followed by DOs

What Not To Wear

Heavy wools, cashmeres or itchy fabrics: if you are spending time in the kitchen, it will be hot and steamy and the cosy thick fabric is not your friend.

Overly fitted clothing: even if an outfit looks and feels fabulous when you try it on, remember that you are eating and drinking more than usual.  The tight pant and top or the form-fitting dress will suddenly feel very uncomfortable.

Sky-high heels: unless you have a personal waiter at your beck and call

Overly complicated bracelets: they are noisy and bump into everything, especially the Baccarat crystal!

What To Wear

A pretty sleevless solid silk or patterened top: you will appreciate it as you lean in (I don’t think this is what Sheryl Sandberg had in mind) to test the turkey in the 375 degree oven. Bring a cardigan along for the meal when you’ve cooled down a bit.

A long sleeve blouse or tunic made of light fabric with pretty embellishmentsl: loose but stylish and chic.

A nicely fitted but not tight pant or skirt made of a light fabric such as jersey, light wool: allow a little extra room for seconds… and thirds.

A wrap dress made of a non clingy fabric like a nice voile: alittle sheerness and lightness works wonders.


What to Wear this Thanksgiving

What to Wear This Thanksgiving alica-and-olivia-gillian-dress-198

Alice & Olivia


What to Wear this Thankgiving ann-taylor-swing-pleat-dress-149

Ann Taylor

What to Wear this Thanksgiving charlotte-brody-ruffle-cuff-dress-with-lace-1490

Charlotte Brody



What to Wear This Thanksgiving kooples-fireworks-dress-385



Ann Taylor

What to Wear This Thanksgiving ann-taylor-leafy-ruffle-collar-blouse-79-50

Ann Taylor


J Crew

What to Wear this Thanksgiving ann taylor-hounstooth-pocket-tee-59-50

Ann Taylor

The bottom line is that Thanksgiving is not an especially relaxed event.  It is fun, lively, full of activity, and requires lots of coordination and organzation.  While you want to look stylish and fabulous, you also want to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed.

So if you’ll be playing a more active and physicllay demanding role in your celebration, spend a little time figuring out what to wear this Thanksgiving. It will make the difference between feeling aggravated and irritable or cool as a cucumber!


My Favorite Fashion and Accessory Finds this week

I’ve been blogging for six years. Then as now, my philosophy is, “keep it simple; less is more, and buy for longevity and not a quick fix and disposability.” And yet, it’s not always easy to find style and elegance that lasts and is a good investment. The middle ground between high-end designer wares and fast fashion is not easy to find. But, if you persevere, you will find it; it just takes a little more work. With this in mind, I set out to see what my favorite purveyors of style are up to. They are not the latest or trendiest brands, but ones that delivery consistent quality and style; a win win!

Here are some of my favorite Fashion and Accessory finds this week. It’s a little bit of everything, but that’s what happens when you keep an open mind! Most important, you don’t need to live in Manhattan to own them.

You can go to each site by clicking on any of the Underlined words or the Pictures.



fashion and accessory finds in manhattan m-gemi-velvet-boot, $348

A navy velvlet boot from M. Gemi, $348 an Italian on line store offering stylish well-priced shoes. It’s opened a brick and mortar store at 120 Wooster in Soho where you can check out lots of great styles. The store does not carry the inventory so you try the shoe and it gets mailed to your home.


fashion and accessory finds in manhattan-a-line-wool-jacket-250

COS is the more upscale sister brand of H&M.  Most of its clothing is loose and unstructured (very Scandinavian) so it does not always look flattering on the hanger. So do try things on.  The quality is quite good and the minimalism is refreshing. Here’s a gorgeous wool jacket from COS, $250; perfect for these balmier days of winter.

fashion and accessory finds in manhattan-short-sleeve-cable-knit-jumper-115

From COS a cozy short-sleeve sweater. $115. At the store, the mannequin had a long sleeve white blouse under it, and it looked fabulous.

fashion and accessory finds in manhattan-soft-leather-shopper-175

Another winner from COS, black leather shopper, $175

fashion and accessory finds in manhattan-slip-on-leather-shoes-125

From COS, slip on leather shoe, $125. If you like a more modern version of the ballerina flat, this one’s for you.  Great quality, and soft leather in chic khaki.  It also comes in black.


fashion and accessory finds in manhattan Heloise Shoe img_2145

From A.P.C., the very cool French ready-to-wear brand, I love the “Heloise” mary jane.
It’s a classic with a modern twist,  $470

fashion and accessory finds in manhattan-p-c-vanessa-seward-cendrine-boots-705

For A.P.C Vanessa Seward “Cendrine boot, $705 – Perfect!


fashion and accessory finds in manhattan Theory-whitney-bag-in-croc-effect-leather-395

Theory’s “Whitney” hoop bag. The perfect accessory worn as a bracelet, $395

fashion and accessory finds in manhattan-standard-tote-in-suede-655

Theory Standard Tote, $655 , I love it in sporty suede


fashion and accessory finds in manhattan-baldwin-croc-wine-395

For a few years I have been impressed with Fairchild Baldwin’s  successful line of necklaces and bags. The necklaces come in a gorgeous array of colors and styles. The best part is that they are super light and the strap can be adjusted for a perfect fit. $395


fashion and accessory finds in manhattan, Merrichase Rabbit bag, $500

If you are looking for a luxurious bag to instill some glamour into your life, this is it from MERRICHASE, $500 Made of the softest rabbit fur, it has two roomy compartments to fit your important stuff.  You’ll want it by your side as you stroll down Madison Avenue or head out to an apres-ski afternoon.

Happy Shopping!

Fabulous Sunscreen oil from Supergoop

This summer while at Sephora I discovered what is now my favorite sunscreen oil, Supergoop.  Since it was early summer I wanted to try a lighter sunscreen for my face, since cream-based products can feel too thick and heavy.

Supergoop oil quickly penetrates the skin and gives it a nice glow. I especially like that once I add my foundation it gives it a dewey and luminous look.  Every since I started using it I get lots of compliments on how sheer and natural my make up looks. The product is also very well priced.  I started with the smaller size, at $12 for 1 oz. The best part is that, because the oil is not thick, a little goes a long way.

My Video Supergoop Sunscreen Oil


sunscreen oil supergoop for purchase, $12

Supergoop sunscreen oil, $12


I highly recommend it. And the price is right!

Tips on alternative uses for your unworn accessories

Do you have accessories that you’re not using as you hoped you would when you bought them? If you answered yes, then you’ll enjoy my video show-and-tell on alternative uses for unworn accessories.

Unworn accessories get a new life

You buy a beautiful and expensive pair of earrings and, though you don’t regret the purchase, they are not fitting into your daily life as well as you hoped. What to do? Well, how about using them for another purpose? As you will see in the below video, with a little creativity, I turned a pair of earrings into a striking pendant and a bracelet into a beautiful necklace. I get lots of compliments and I still have the option of wearing them for their original purpose; a win win!


alternative uses for unworn accessories

Silver and “Coral” bracelet

alternative uses for unworn accessories

With a little creativity, my Silver and “Coral” bracelet becomes a beautiful necklace

Check out my VIDEO BELOW

Alternative uses for unworn accessories

Lessson for the day: Before you give up on your accessories, figure out if you can find alternative uses for your unworn accessories!

Mark and Graham for chic leather goods

I am always in search of affordable and well made things.  Unfortunatley, when I do find an affordable item, the quality and finishing is often sub-par. This to be especially true with leather products. The good news is that I recently came across a brand that I am really impressed with. It’s called Mark and Graham and it’s part of Williams-Sonoma.

Mark and Graham sells jewelry, clothing, leather goods, housewares, travel items; and the list goes on. And it personalizes whatever you buy by offering free monogramming! I am not big on mongramming my clothing but I do love discreet initials on leather goods.

In this post, I specifically focused on their leather goods because I am always  in search of quality leather that does not break the bank.  I want to report that I love their designs: chic, functional and stylish.  And the price points are quite good, considering the impressive quality of the leather.

Below are some of my favorite leather pieces.  But check out the site for lots of other goodies.


Mark and Graham Leather Goods


Chelsea Overnighter, $550, classic, streamlined and chic, for men or women

marck-graham-daiy-leather-overnight 375

Daily Leather Ovenighter, $375, Another unisex piece


Bamboo Tote, $425, The bamboo handles give this bag an added polish


Elisabetta Bag, $398, Soft and malleable, perfect to carry on a flight



Westbury Tote, $450, I love the shape and design, perfect for work or weekend use


Telluride Bag, $450, Love this for a weekend in the country



Leather Charger Roll, $49, Love this for keeping your phone accessories organized and handy


So kudos to Mark and Graham for great gifts and leather goods that won’t break the bank; perfect for your holiday shopping.

Are your shoes too high? Your cobbler can fix them

Nothing makes or breaks an outfit more than a shoe.  It can either pull your outfit to that next level of elegance and style, or it can turn your entire look into a fashion “don’t.” I have always had a weakness for shoes and find any excuse to buy one more pair. But what happens when you buy a shoe that ends up being too high and hard to walk in? Fixing shoes that are too high has been my project this past year.

Here’s my Video Tip on fixing shoes that are too high:


Tip of the day:

If a shoe is too high, take it to the cobbler who can bring it to new heights of comfort!

DESIGNONLEX block party, October 13, 2016

I am excited to tell you about next week’s fabulous event, DESIGNONLEX, taking place on Thursday, October 13th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm on Manhattan’s Lexington Avenue.

The Event:

The one-night block party, stretching from 65th Street to 75th Street, will be hosted by merchants and entrepreneurs representing the area’s shops, galleries, florists and restaurants. In addition, each vendor will host a variety of special events, from book signings and product launches, to special guest appearances and food tasting.

designonlex-october-13th-block-party, New York City


I can’t wait to visit some of my favorite stores like Creel and Gow, purveyor of chic gifts, home decor and accessories, and Hayward and Hopper the mecca for luxurious accessories for men and women.

A portion of the proceeds from the evening’s events will benefit The New York School of Interior Design Centennial Scholarship. The school’s President, David Sprouls added; “The New York School of Interior Design is delighted to participate in the inaugural DESIGNONLEX. We are proud to call this ten block stretch of Lexington Avenue and the surrounding blocks our home and the shops and restaurants our good friends and neighbors. This year as we mark 100 years of providing outstanding educational opportunities to aspiring designers and working professionals alike, we are especially grateful to the evening’s participants for their support of the NYSID Centennial Scholarship. This award will help students reach for their dream career in interior design.”

DESIGNONLEX showcases the best in creativity and good taste that New York has to offer.

Video Greetings from Style Wise Trend Foolish

Harper Lawrence creates the perfect leather tote

While on Instagram, I also discovered another brand which I am impressed with.  It’s called Harper Lawrence and they are making a very chic and stylish calf leather tote. A friend of mine has one and I can attest to the impecable design and quality.

The totes are made in Florence in a variety of colors with rich detailing both inside and outside each bag. And I really like that part of one’s purchase will be donated to CARE, World Vision, and other charitable organizations to educate and empower women and girls.

Below is Harper Lawrence tote: a perfect combination of clean and modern lines mixed with functionality!



Harper Lawrence Tote, $545



Harper Lawrence Tote, $545


Harper Lawrence Tote, $545

Love the chocloate brown or the light blue!