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Top 10 Style Tips from Style Wise Trend Foolish

Top 10 Style Tips, Style Wise Trend Foolish

Working the trends: choker and brocade


Dear Readers:

This January is the 5th Anniversary of my blog launch.  Time does fly when you’re having fun! Since it’s the start of a fresh new year (THANKFULLY), let’s do a recap of My Top 10 Style Tips. 

Cristina’s Top 10 Style Tips

  1. Tailor Clothing: Because when something does not fit properly, it won’t matter that you spent your savings on it. Proper fit makes all the difference.
  1. Steam or Iron Clothing: Because wrinkled clothing is not flattering. Ironing the simplest blouse or pant will bring it back to life.
  1. Dry Clean with caution: Because, over time, the harsh chemicals ruin clothing.
  1. Hand Wash Delicates: Because only soap and water gets most things clean.
  1. Polish Shoes: Because a scuffed up shoe, even if you splurged on it, can ruin an outfit.
  1. Use the Mirror: Because it’s best to face the world looking great… from all angles.

Top 10 Style Tips, Style Wise Trend Foolish

Dress from Paris Marche aux Puces (Flea Market), channeling Prada 

  1. Shop for Quality vs. Quantity: Because when you buy cheap, you buy twice.
  1. Accessorize: Because it’s those finishing touches that can complete a look and give life to a simple outfit.

Top 10 Style Tips, Style Wise Trend Foolish

Accessories can make a simple blouse shine

Top 10 Style Tips from Style Wise Trend Foolish

Beautiful bracelets

  1. Proportion is King: Because how an outfit fits YOU can make the difference between a ‘Fashion Do’ or a “Fashion Dont.’ If something does not flatter your body type, no matter how elegant or expensive, it won’t make you shine.

    Top 10 Style Tips, Style Wise Trend Foolish
    My favorite dress purchase of 2016, from Cartagena, Colombia

  1. Be Trend Selective: Because style is timeless, while most trends are fleeting. If you do go for a trend, make sure it flatters your body type and makes you look and feel fabulous.

    Top 10 Style Tips from Style Wise Trend Foolish

    Happily working the seldom worn cowboy boots in Colorado

    Cristina’s Dos and Don’ts when Shopping:


          Cheap Fabric: Can ruin great design. If it looks and feels cheap, don’t buy it.
          Embellished T-Shirts: Are not easy to clean. Though they can be very pretty, cleaning an embellished t-shirt means frequent trips to the dry cleaners, i.e. Expensive and Impractical.
          Bright and Light Colors: Can look cheap if the fabric is of poor quality. So if you’re on a budget, buy darker fabrics.

     Hardware on bags

          Cheap Hardware: Can ruin the look of an otherwise pretty bag.
          Minimal Hardware: Works best when you’re on a budget: less is more.

    Leather vs Suede

          Opt for Suede: If you’re on a budget. Though it requires more care, inexpensive suede looks much better than inexpensive leather, which can look like plastic.


          Rework unused clothing: Before giving up on an unworn or out of style garment, take it to the tailor for a makeover.

    In Store vs On-line shopping

          Educate yourself: On the look and feel of top quality clothing and shoes by going to a brick and mortar store.

          Get up close and personal: Touch it, feel the fabric, the leather. Get a sense of texture, cut, quality, fit, etc.

          You are not a model: Just because an outfit looks great on the on-line model does not mean it will flatter your body type and height. Check it out in person!

    Being stylish and fashionable isn’t about wearing expensive items or living beyond your means.  My style tips are about figuring out what works for you and what simply doesn’t. It’s about making smart choices and taking care of what you own (ironing, tailoring, cleaning) so it always looks and feels stylish ON YOU! It’s about being Style Wise and not Trend Foolish!

    Here’s to a stylish 2017!

What to Wear this Thanksgiving

Have you ever found yourself feeling really uncomfortable in your Thanksgiving day outfit? Every year I seem to forget that a Thanksgiving day outfit requires a bit more thought than for most other meal related events.

What to Wear  and not to Wear on Thanksgiving

Why you might ask? Because Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday involves lots of food preparation, constant activity in the kitchen, and larger than usual food and beverage consumption.  Unless someone is waiting on you hand and foot, chances are you are running around directing the activity, or giving a helping hand. This is followed by sitting down and eating and drinking more than usual. For all of this, you need to dress the part. So after years of trial and error, I now make it a point to really put some thought into the question: “What to Wear this Thanksgiving.”

Hear are my DON’TS followed by DOs

What Not To Wear

Heavy wools, cashmeres or itchy fabrics: if you are spending time in the kitchen, it will be hot and steamy and the cosy thick fabric is not your friend.

Overly fitted clothing: even if an outfit looks and feels fabulous when you try it on, remember that you are eating and drinking more than usual.  The tight pant and top or the form-fitting dress will suddenly feel very uncomfortable.

Sky-high heels: unless you have a personal waiter at your beck and call

Overly complicated bracelets: they are noisy and bump into everything, especially the Baccarat crystal!

What To Wear

A pretty sleevless solid silk or patterened top: you will appreciate it as you lean in (I don’t think this is what Sheryl Sandberg had in mind) to test the turkey in the 375 degree oven. Bring a cardigan along for the meal when you’ve cooled down a bit.

A long sleeve blouse or tunic made of light fabric with pretty embellishmentsl: loose but stylish and chic.

A nicely fitted but not tight pant or skirt made of a light fabric such as jersey, light wool: allow a little extra room for seconds… and thirds.

A wrap dress made of a non clingy fabric like a nice voile: alittle sheerness and lightness works wonders.


What to Wear this Thanksgiving

What to Wear This Thanksgiving alica-and-olivia-gillian-dress-198

Alice & Olivia


What to Wear this Thankgiving ann-taylor-swing-pleat-dress-149

Ann Taylor

What to Wear this Thanksgiving charlotte-brody-ruffle-cuff-dress-with-lace-1490

Charlotte Brody



What to Wear This Thanksgiving kooples-fireworks-dress-385



Ann Taylor

What to Wear This Thanksgiving ann-taylor-leafy-ruffle-collar-blouse-79-50

Ann Taylor


J Crew

What to Wear this Thanksgiving ann taylor-hounstooth-pocket-tee-59-50

Ann Taylor

The bottom line is that Thanksgiving is not an especially relaxed event.  It is fun, lively, full of activity, and requires lots of coordination and organzation.  While you want to look stylish and fabulous, you also want to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed.

So if you’ll be playing a more active and physicllay demanding role in your celebration, spend a little time figuring out what to wear this Thanksgiving. It will make the difference between feeling aggravated and irritable or cool as a cucumber!


Tips on alternative uses for your unworn accessories

Do you have accessories that you’re not using as you hoped you would when you bought them? If you answered yes, then you’ll enjoy my video show-and-tell on alternative uses for unworn accessories.

Unworn accessories get a new life

You buy a beautiful and expensive pair of earrings and, though you don’t regret the purchase, they are not fitting into your daily life as well as you hoped. What to do? Well, how about using them for another purpose? As you will see in the below video, with a little creativity, I turned a pair of earrings into a striking pendant and a bracelet into a beautiful necklace. I get lots of compliments and I still have the option of wearing them for their original purpose; a win win!


alternative uses for unworn accessories

Silver and “Coral” bracelet

alternative uses for unworn accessories

With a little creativity, my Silver and “Coral” bracelet becomes a beautiful necklace

Check out my VIDEO BELOW

Alternative uses for unworn accessories

Lessson for the day: Before you give up on your accessories, figure out if you can find alternative uses for your unworn accessories!

Are your shoes too high? Your cobbler can fix them

Nothing makes or breaks an outfit more than a shoe.  It can either pull your outfit to that next level of elegance and style, or it can turn your entire look into a fashion “don’t.” I have always had a weakness for shoes and find any excuse to buy one more pair. But what happens when you buy a shoe that ends up being too high and hard to walk in? Fixing shoes that are too high has been my project this past year.

Here’s my Video Tip on fixing shoes that are too high:


Tip of the day:

If a shoe is too high, take it to the cobbler who can bring it to new heights of comfort!

Three fashionable work looks for three work scenarios

No matter where you work, whether it’s in a creative field or a buttoned-up and conservative setting, you will have work events that require different levels of formality. Some are easy to figure out and others a bit more daunting. Whether you are having a work-at-your-desk-day, or are taking a client to dinner, you want fashionable work looks that are appropriate for the particular occasion.

With that in mind, here are three work events and three fashionable options that will help you sail through your day looking professional and sytlish.  And remember that whatever you wear also needs to feel comfortable so you can concentrate on the task at hand and not worry that it’s tugging and pulling in the wrong places. We’ve all had days when we’ve worn an outfit or shoes that are just not comfortable, and that can make for a very long day at the office! So, word to the wise, avoid overly form-fitting clothing or sky-high heels.


A Sit at your Desk and Work kind of Day

fashionable work looks banana-republic-flutter-sleeve-top-68

Banana Republic Flutter Sleeve top, $68

fashionable work looks, betabrand boot_cut___black_dress_pant_yoga_pants_30

Betabrand Yoga Pant, $78, In an array of colors: Super polished and comfortable

Fashionable work looks kate-spade-tone-tone-drop-earrings-68

Kate Spade two tone drop earrings, $68

Fashionable work looks - M kors-gloria-pumps-145

Michael by Michael Kors Pump, $145

Fashionable work looks massimo-dutti-babouches shoes-120

Massimo Dutti, Blue Suede Babouches, $120


The Client Meeting

     Fashionable work looks Canvas by-lands-end-bow-tie-dress-119

Canvas by Land’s End Bow Tie Dress, $119

Fashionable work looks -SJP pointed-toe-mary-jane-365

Sarah Jessica Parker mary jane, $365


Fashionable work looks - j crew-combo-tweed-dress

J Crew Combo Tweed Dress, $168


Fashionable work looks -Vince paulette-dorsay-pumps

Vince Paulette d’Orsay pumps, $350

The Client Dinner


Fashionable work looks -halo-at Bloomingdales

Black Halo dress, $375 

Fashionable work looks merrichase-roxy-earrings-250

Merrichase Roxy Earrings, $250


Fashionable work looks SJP-velvet-shoe-350

Sarah Jessica Parker teal velvet shoe, $350

Fashionable work looks J-crew-dorsay-pumps-268

J Crew Elsie D’Orsay pump, 268



Fashionable work looks alice_and_olivia_brandeemidlengthdress_fall_leopard_888819354220_product_01-1111388044

Alice & Olivia Brandee Dress, $395

Fashionable work looks via-spiga-carola-show-195

Via Spiga Carola pumps, $195

Fashionable work looks S-j-parker-t-strap-shoe-355

Sarah Jessica Parker T-Strap, $355

Stylish options to help you look you best in any scenario.

Back to the Ironing Board

Ironing image

As I begin to finally put away my winter clothing, to be replaced by the light cottons and linens of summer, ironing suddenly comes to mind.  Why? Because as I start revisiting the coming season’s clothing I know that the only way they will look fresh and stylish is if they go under a good old iron.

So what better time to share some helpful ironing tips to make the process go smoothly.  I know ironing does not make anyone’s top 10 list of fun activities.  But look at it this way, at least it’s one chore where you actually see the fruits of your labor; and it will make all the difference between looking fabulous and looking sloppy.

I  suggest you buy:

  • A small ironing Board (a large one if you have room to spare)
  • An iron: Here are some Consumer Report recommendations: The Best Steam Irons
  • A cloth to use when ironing wool as it becomes shiny when directly exposed to the hot iron
  • I also recommend you check out this website for excellent ironing tips and lessons, Once you learn a few tricks, you may actually enjoy it! Creative Homewares: How to Iron Clothes

And remember, the most beautiful, fashionable and expensive outfit will not flatter you if it’s wrinkled. And the bargain basement purchase will look much better if it’s ironed. A win-win situation!

A Word to the Wise from Coco Chanel:

“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the home without fixing herself up a little, if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that is the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be pretty as possible for destiny.”

My favorite Fall 2015 Fashion ad campaigns

Fall 2015 is up on us and soon I will be showing you my favorite looks from the fashion collections. In the meantime, here are my favorite Fall fashion ad campaigns.


MARNI, Romantic and Elegant

Prada fal 2015

PRADA, Quirky and Preppy


RALPH LAUREN, Luxurious and Sporty

Hermes fall 2015 Flaneur

HERMES, Romantic and Adventerous

Ag Fall 2015 ad

AG JEANS, Clean and Sporty

Alexa chung for AG fall 2015

ALEXA CHUNG for AG,  Retro and Feminine

Michael Kors Fall 2015

MICHAEL KORS, Casual and Luxurious

BALLY 2015

BALLY, Modern and Classic

 Stylish looks for the mood of the day!

What to wear with your White Flared Jean

Even though it’s currently quite cold and windy, Summer is just around the corner, or so we are told by our friends in retail.

So I decided to go in search of the perfect white jean. As we know, the definition of the ‘the perfect pant’ changes each season. One season it’s the skinny pant; the next season it’s the full pant; then the boot cut is in, and the list goes on, and on, and on… I have a collection of pants to prove my point!

This season, ‘the perfect pant,’ has a 70s feel: high waisted, fitted on the leg with a nice flare below the knee. Am happy to report it’s very flattering, and not just on Gisele! I won’t recommend a particular brand since I know body types vary. Now that you know what’s in, I suggest you take a look at your favorite brands.

Shop for these goodies by clicking on the brand.


J Brand Flare jean

 J Brand, $194


PATTERN: here are some pretty tops that caught my eye

Maje Linen top $295

Maje, $295 Beautiful linen and silk peasant blouse

A.L.C top saks 275

A.L.C.  $275

Tory burch blue peasent blouse

Tory Burch, $350, Peasant in shades of blue


Tory b Brigitte Blouse 195

Tory Burch, $195, Striking floral


ZARA, $79, Chambray with sweet embroidery


WHITE: If you want to keep it clean and streamlined

Reisse Laizer blouse

REISS, $180, laser cut silk blouse – love it

Zara white blouse 79

ZARA, $69, Perfect

Reiss Sheer Top 180

REISS, $180  Knit Top with sheer inset

philip lim saks 250

Philip Lim, $250, Silk T

A BLAZER: A great investment.  Perfect if you want to dress up the jeans

J Crew long linen  blazer 350

J CREW, $350

J Crew shorter blazer 188

J CREW, $188

SHOES: You can wear flats if you have the height. But do wear heels if you need the height!

Ivanka Trump Jewled flat

Ivanka Trump, $135, jeweled linen


Marc Jacobs, $298


J Crew, $138


J Crew, $258

J Crew metalic sandal 168

J Crew, $168, 25% off with code SPRINGSALE

J Crew sandal 258

J Crew, $258

Happy Shopping. More to come!

Wearer-friendly shoes for Spring 2015

Now that we’ve seen shoe trends for Spring 2015, I decided to go in search of more wearable options.

Here are some of my favorites that have a hint of the seasons’s trends, but are a bit more user-friendly; and suited for walking more than a few steps, or riding the subway!

You can SHOP by clicking on the brand name. 




Vince, $395, streamlined and versatile

Vince sandal bergdorf 325

Vince, $325, versatile with a good heel height



Loeffer Randall, $375, a dressy wedge



Ferragamo varina Salvatore Ferragamo, $550, delicate and ladylike




Stuart Weitzman, $398, a sporty classic


Maje Fringe booties

MAJE, $495 love the fringe!


RAG & BONE, $375

Joie laceless linen oxprds

Joie, $260, Boy’s laceless linen

Sneakers where a big trend for Spring. So if comfort is at the top of your list, here are a few options that caught my eye.

Cole Hahn 178 blomies

Cole Haan, $178

Coach Leather Sneaker

Coach, $135

Jack Purcell bloomies 80

Converse Jack Purcell, $60

Tory B snekaer 185 bloomies

Tory Burch, $185

AND MY FAVORITE: A simply white Nike; how refreshing!


Nike, $90


Happy Shopping!

BALLY Fall 2014: Chic Fashion and Accessories

Fall 2014 Bally # 0

I am loving Bally’s Fall 2014 collection. I have always had a soft spot for the brand, ever since my Mom bought me a pair of loafers many moons ago. However, throughout the years I felt its designs were inconsistent. Well, the 160-year-old-brand has never looked so good, thanks to its new creative director Pablo Coppola.

The clothing is beautifully made with emphasis on craftsmanship and understatement. For accessories, Coppola kept hardware to a minimum, focusing instead on glossy leathers in subtly strong colors and non-flashy exotic skins.  I love the square shape bag with one corner sliced off (an echo of the heel design on Bally’s men’s shoes) and the clean cut hobos and messenger bags.


Fall 2014 Bally #2   Fall 2014 Bally #1     Fall 2014 Bally #4 Fall 2014 Bally #10       2014 Bally Bowling Bag, $1795         Fall 2014 Bally Access. Bag #12     2014 Bally Tote, $895   Fall 2014 Bally Access. #11 fall 2014 Bally Acccess, square bag #14   2014 Bally patent sneaker $395   Fall 2014 Bally boot $17



A collection worth checking out!