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What to Wear this Thanksgiving

Have you ever found yourself feeling really uncomfortable in your Thanksgiving day outfit? Every year I seem to forget that a Thanksgiving day outfit requires a bit more thought than for most other meal related events.

What to Wear  and not to Wear on Thanksgiving

Why you might ask? Because Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday involves lots of food preparation, constant activity in the kitchen, and larger than usual food and beverage consumption.  Unless someone is waiting on you hand and foot, chances are you are running around directing the activity, or giving a helping hand. This is followed by sitting down and eating and drinking more than usual. For all of this, you need to dress the part. So after years of trial and error, I now make it a point to really put some thought into the question: “What to Wear this Thanksgiving.”

Hear are my DON’TS followed by DOs

What Not To Wear

Heavy wools, cashmeres or itchy fabrics: if you are spending time in the kitchen, it will be hot and steamy and the cosy thick fabric is not your friend.

Overly fitted clothing: even if an outfit looks and feels fabulous when you try it on, remember that you are eating and drinking more than usual.  The tight pant and top or the form-fitting dress will suddenly feel very uncomfortable.

Sky-high heels: unless you have a personal waiter at your beck and call

Overly complicated bracelets: they are noisy and bump into everything, especially the Baccarat crystal!

What To Wear

A pretty sleevless solid silk or patterened top: you will appreciate it as you lean in (I don’t think this is what Sheryl Sandberg had in mind) to test the turkey in the 375 degree oven. Bring a cardigan along for the meal when you’ve cooled down a bit.

A long sleeve blouse or tunic made of light fabric with pretty embellishmentsl: loose but stylish and chic.

A nicely fitted but not tight pant or skirt made of a light fabric such as jersey, light wool: allow a little extra room for seconds… and thirds.

A wrap dress made of a non clingy fabric like a nice voile: alittle sheerness and lightness works wonders.


What to Wear this Thanksgiving

What to Wear This Thanksgiving alica-and-olivia-gillian-dress-198

Alice & Olivia


What to Wear this Thankgiving ann-taylor-swing-pleat-dress-149

Ann Taylor

What to Wear this Thanksgiving charlotte-brody-ruffle-cuff-dress-with-lace-1490

Charlotte Brody



What to Wear This Thanksgiving kooples-fireworks-dress-385



Ann Taylor

What to Wear This Thanksgiving ann-taylor-leafy-ruffle-collar-blouse-79-50

Ann Taylor


J Crew

What to Wear this Thanksgiving ann taylor-hounstooth-pocket-tee-59-50

Ann Taylor

The bottom line is that Thanksgiving is not an especially relaxed event.  It is fun, lively, full of activity, and requires lots of coordination and organzation.  While you want to look stylish and fabulous, you also want to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed.

So if you’ll be playing a more active and physicllay demanding role in your celebration, spend a little time figuring out what to wear this Thanksgiving. It will make the difference between feeling aggravated and irritable or cool as a cucumber!


  1. Judith says: November 23, 2016 5:46 PM

    Christina, Thank you for the tips.

    I have had issues with shoe selection. In the past I wear boots but my feet get so hot! What shoes do you recommend? Should I opt for flats?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Cristina says: November 23, 2016 6:43 PM

      Hi Judith

      Definitely stay away from boots as your feet do get very hot with them: I learned that lesson myself. I recommend a comfortable mid heel or flat shoe.

  2. Melissa says: November 23, 2016 8:44 PM

    Hi Cristina,

    Thank you for doing this video! I just packed to go to my friend’s house where I will be helping her a lot in the kitchen. After watching this, I realized I brought the wrong top- a super bulky sweater that will probably dip itself in everything! Now I plan to repack, smarter.


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