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Munich Shopping: Frey Wille, Manufactum and Alois Dallmayr

Now that I’ve covered culture, let’s focus on the world of retail.

On my last day in Munich, I took advantage of the beautiful day to do some window shopping.  I walked into several lovely stores, three of which I LOVE re-visiting everytime I am there. They are each fabulous in their own way.

The first is FREY WILLE, the Austrian enamel jewelry manufacturer founded in 1951. The label is known for its artistically hand-decorated designs, based on works of 19th and 20th century artists, such as Gustav Klimt and Claude Monet.  Besides jewelry, the company has expanded into scarfs, handbags, belts, ties, cufflinks and fine pens.

If you live in New York, be sure stop in this beautiful store, located at 727 Madison Avenue, bewteen 63rd and 64th Streets. You will fall in love with the swirls of color.

 A gorgeous selection of colorful enamel bangles


 A Gustav Klimt inspired necklace

Enamel cuffs inspired by Gustav Klimt


 Pen, inspired by Gustav Klimt


This is a fascinating store simply because it has EVERYTHING!  It’s a mix between Dean & DeLuca, Smith & Hawken, a more glamorous Home Depot, and Santa Maria Novella pharmacy.

The cafe at MANUFACTUM

As you first walk in, you will see people enjoying delicious cheeses and salads, or simply a cappuccino.  The wine and pasta areas are close by.  Go a little further and you will encounter wonderful soaps and colognes, next to gardening tools and accessories.  Further on is an area with functional clothing and beautifully made leather shoes, perfect for long walks in the country. And of course I was happy to see the finest shoe polishes and creams to protect your leather goods.

Some items are incredibly practical and useful and others incredibly inpractical, but because everything is so attractive, and made so well, you want to own it.

Appropriately, their logo reads: MANUFACTUM, where the good things in life still exist.”

I was able to walk away financially unscathed so I headed to my last stop, ALOIS DALLMAYR.


ALOIS DALLMAYR is the Fauchon or the Fortnum & Mason of Munich. Established in the 17th century, the store sells gourmet coffee, food, candy, wines and bakery items, in the most elegant and refined setting. It also has a lovely restaurant.


After several minutes of browsing the candy options, and trying to decipher the meaning of the labels, I finally took the plunge and purchased some tasty goodies. They have been very well received at home.

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