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Canvas by Land’s End Jumpsuit: A great summer staple

A few months ago, I wrote a post on the Canvas by Land’s End line which was relaunched as a more upscale collection.  One of the items that caught my eye was a very stylish jumpsuit that comes in black, white and peach.  I read the reviews and they were, on the whole positive, but I was not brave enough to take the plunge withouth trying it on, especially because jumpsuits tend to be a bit drapey and quite full in the leg so they fit better on taller people.


Lands End

Canvas by Land’s End Jumpsuit, $175

Fast forward, and recently I saw a woman wearing the jumpsuit at a cocktail party. She looked fabulous and told me that she was very happy with her purchase. Lucky for me, Land’s End opened a pop-up store this summer in Southampton, so off I went. I was actually quite suprised that it fit so nicely and that there was no extra fabric floating around in the wrong places. And I don’t have to rush to the tailor to hem it!

I can see also owning this jumpsuit in black as it would be perfect for the city, day or night.  But for now, I am happy to own it in white, for cocktails or dinner at the beach.

By the way, I also love that it’s a great canvas (pun intended) to show off accessories.

Please check out the website for lots of pretty and wearable looks for fall.

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2016

I always look forward to seeing what designers have in store for us as far as jewelry trends.  The best part is when we actually own some of these trends and can wear them in style.

My favorite jewelry trends this season are Earthy designs and Chokers.  I love the organic look of the Earthy trend and I find Chokers so feminine and decorative. While I have several chokers from years back, I wold not mind adding a new one to my collection.  I will keep you posted on the success of that purchase.


Fall 2016 Earthy Bottega

Bottega Veneta

Fall 2016 Acc Earthy Calvin

Calvin Klein

Fall 2016 Acc. Earthy Valentino



Fall 2016 Acc. Pearls Jason Wu

Jason Wu

Fall 2016 Acc. Pearls Margiela

Maison Margiela

Fall 2016 Acc. Pearls Gucci


Fall 2016 Acc. Pearls Dries Van NOten

Dries van Noten


Fall 2016 Acc Brooches McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Fall 2016 Acc Crystals Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Fall 2016 Acc Crystals Balenciaga


Duster Earrings

Fall 2016 Acc Duster Earrings, GUcci


Fall 2016 Acc Duster Earrings Lanvin


Fall 2016 Acc Duster Earringins Margiela

Maison Margiela


Fall 2016 Acc Chockers Oscar

Oscar de la Renta

Fall 2016 Acc Chockers D&G

Dolce & Gabbana

Fall 2016 Acc Chocker Parabal Garung

Parabal Garung

Look through your accessories, and get creative!


Fashion Trends for Fall 2016

Unless you work in fashion, chances are you were not paying attention when the Fall 2016 Fashion shows took place back in February and March.  At that point, we’re usually so fed up with winter that we long for the balmy days of summer and the light clothing that we’ll be wearing; fall clothing is not on our radar screen.

Now that we’ve had our fill of hot and muggy days, we do yearn for the cooler days ahead and tend to start thinking about the trends that are in store for us this fall.

I am pretty pleased with the 2016 fashion trends and am look forward to incorporating Velvet, Menswear, Capes and Navy in my own wardrobe.

Here are my favorties looks from each of the trends.

Man and Machine

Fall 2016 Man meets Machine D&G

Dolce & Gabbana

Fall 2016 man and machine Armani


Fall 2016 Man and Machine Valentino


Fall 2016 Man and Macnhine Gucci


Menswear Bespoke

Fall 2016 Menswear Bespoke Dries Van Noten

Dries van Noten

Fall 2016 Mensweear Bespoke Gucci


Fall 2016 Menswear bespoke Suno


Fall 2016 Menswear Ralph

Ralph Lauren

Fall 2016 Menswear Calvin

Calvin Klein


Fall 2016 Brocades Oscar

Oscar de la Renta

Fall 2016 Brocade Gucci


Fall 2016 Brocade Lanvin


Fall 2016 Brocade Balmain


Fall 2016 Brocade Cavalli



Fall 2016 Velvet Akris


Fall 2016 Velvet Bottega Venetta

Bottega Veneta

Fall 2016 Velvet A Ferreti

Alberta Ferretti

Fall 2016 Velvet Givenchy


Fall 2016 Velvet Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Fall 2016 Velvet Prada



Fall 2016 Period Erdem


Fall 2016 Period Gucci


Fall 2016 Period Veronique Branqinho

Veronique Branqinho

Fall 2016 Romantics Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli

Fall 2016 Dark Romance D&G

Dolce & Gabbana

Fall 2016 Romantics Valentino


Fall 2016 Romantic Alberta Ferrari

Alberta Ferretti

Glam Rock

Fall 2016 Glam Rock Altazurra


Fall 2016 70's Galm Rock Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Fall 2016 70s glam rock Kors

Michael Kors

Artful Furs

Fall 2016 Artfull Furs Derek Lamb

Derek Lam

Fall 2016 Artful Furs M. Kors

Michael Kors

Fall 2016 Artful Furs Valentino


Patent Leather

Fall 2016 Pattentent leather Lacoste


Fall 2016 Patent Proenza

Proenza Schouler

Fall 2016 Patent Valentino



Fall 2016 Cape Missoni


Fall 2016 Cape Derek Lam

Derek Lam

Fall 2016 Cape Ferragamo


Fall 2016 Cape Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli

Fall 2016 Cape Mulberry


Fall 2016 Cape Marni



Fall 2016 Puffer Courreges


Fall 2016 Puffer Pucci


Fall 2016 Velvet Puffer S McCartney

Stella McCartney

Tailored Sport

Fall 2016 Tailored Sport L Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Fall 2016 Tailored Sport Gucci


Fall 2016 Tailroed Sport Versace



Fal 2016 Tailored Sport T Burch

Tory Burch


Fall 2016 Navy Coach

Tommy Hilfiger

Fall 2016 Navy Cedric Charlier

Cedric Charlier

Fall 2016 Navy Valentino


Fall 2016 Nay Burberry



Fall 2016 Tartan Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Fall 2016 Tartan Burberry


Fall 2016 Tartans Chanel



Fall 2016 Leopard Sonya Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel

Fall 2016 Leopard Bottega Venetta

Bottega Veneta

Before you rush to shop, take a look at your closet, I am sure you have many of these trends staring at you.  Actually, speaking of the Brocade trend, I do have a beautiful Prada brocade jacket which I have probably worn once! Since this makes me feel quite guilty, I will make every effort to put it to good use!

Boutique in a Box: Southampton, August 3rd

I am thrilled to announce that on August 3rd, the second annual Boutique in a Box, a one-day pop up event, will take place at the Southampton Cultural Center . Featuring over 20 unique vendors and international collections, it promises to be a shopper’s paradise!

In collaboration with the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, the Boutique in a Box not only presents a fun shopping opportunity but it benefits a great cause.

Happy Shopping!

Boutique in a Box Southampton


Wednesday, August 3rd
10 AM – 6:30 PM
Southampton Cultural Center
25 Pond Lane

A day in beautiful Amagansett

Each of the towns in Eastern Long Island is special in its own way, and despite the fact that traffic between the towns gets worse each year, I still love getting in my car and exploring. Besides, it’s when you step out if your routine that you discover beauty, whether in nature, architecture, decor or fashion. I always come back from my sightseeing trips refreshed and inspired.

This week, I decided to go to Amagansett which took me a good 45 minutes from Southampton! It was well worth it, though. This lovely town, past East Hampton, manages to be both relaxed and stylish. You won’t find as many stores as the other towns, but here it’s all about quality not quantity with a prevalence of home decor and lifestyle stores.

As a blogger, I have found that some stores are welcoming and open to me taking pictures and featuring them in my blog while others kind of hem and haw.  I am not sure what’s not to like about a little free advertising with no strings attached, so go figure.

While there are a bunch of notable stores, here are three worth mentioning. They are all on Main Street.

A lovely store for fabulous home decor and gift items (248 Main Street)


You will want to redecorate your home





Beyond beautiful florals and gifts (255 Main Street)


 A refrigerator packed with flowers to be made into creative and chic arrangements



Fabulous home decor


The loveliest Hydrangea varieties

A feast for the eyes, filled with an international array of home decor, clothing and accessories  (171 Main Street)



Lovely blue polk dot dishes




A great selection of dresses, tunics and sarongs


Love this clutches 





Betabrand for the chicest dress-pant yoga-pant

I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and, though I usually ignore brand posts, a post for a line of casual clothing called Betabrand did catch my eye.

I clicked on the picture of what looked like very stylish pants made from excercise fabric but meant for dressy use. They looked very sleek and streammlined so I figured they were worth a shot.


Betabrand boot_cut___black_dress_pant_yoga_pants_30

Boot-Cut dress pant yoga pant, $78

The pant is called “the boot-cut dress pant yoga pant.” From the picture it looked quite attractive so I took the plunge and bought a pair in navy. Well, they arrived yesterday and I am happy to report that they are fabulous. The color is a lovely shade of blue and the nicely thick fabric makes them fit like a glove. They don’t have zippers and just one decorative button on the front,  so you just pull them on. They are perfect for work or every day use in every season, except the warm summer months.

The website has lots of functional clothing.  I especially loved the pant selections.


Betabrand office jeans

Indigo travel jeans, $115.20


Yours truly with my yoga dress pant. Love the fit and feel and because the fabric is on the thicker side it holds its shape beautifully. I also think that the price of $78 is fabulous. 

I won’t necessarily be using my new pants for Yoga, but it’s good to know that should I want do a salutation to the sun, or a down-ward facing dog pose in the middle of my work day, these pants will allow me do so in style.

Happy 4th of July

4th of july

Dearest Readers,

Wishing you a wonderful 4th with lots of fun in the sun!

POP UP COLLECTIVE in Southampton

Every summer out in the East End I look forward to walking around the various towns and checking out new POP UP stores.  It’s great for my blog as I don’t run out of great finds to share with my readers.

This week it’s POP UP Collective, a bazaar-like boutique filled with clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor and other goodies. Located in a charming square off Jobs Lane, the store is filled with items from an international group of designers and manufacturers. You will no doubt leave with a fabulous find.


2016-06-24 13.16.58

POP UP Collective

2016-06-24 12.51.50

Clarissa Bronfman Jewelry, gorgeous

2016-06-24 12.49.55

Clarissa Bronfman Jewelry, pendant that is detachable into a bracelet

2016-06-24 12.47.04

Espadrilles and sneakers from House of Pom

2016-06-24 12.47.42

Embellished Mochila from Blue One

2016-06-24 12.52.44

Ceramic good luck fixtures from Bazaar Project Miami

CuLinary Concepts products


Silver plated ice cream cone holder, by Almost Essential

ice cream holder

Silver plated ice cream tub container, by Almost Essential



Sandal by PHELAN NYC.  You by the plain sole and it comes with interchangeable uppers like the below



2016-06-24 13.00.46

Love this sandal from PHELAN NYC

2016-06-24 13.05.32

Beautiful straw hat with lovely mini pom poms by Boho Hunter

2016-06-24 13.05.11

Raffia envelopes and clutches by Ana Sucre

2016-06-24 12.55.16

Tote buy Ana Sucre


Love this bathing suit line, Mi Ola, the bathing suite fits beautifully

2016-06-24 13.14.47

Rashguard by Mi Ola. I would also wear it for evening with a pair of black or white jeans

2016-06-24 13.10.38

Gold crochet dress by Yola Colon, lovely!


Silk charmeuse dress from a new line which I love called BECK EN

tata harper

Wonderful skin care products from Tata Harper

I also enjoyed meeting the very lovely owner, Roshanak Afkhami. She will welcome you with a big smile and great enthusiasm.

POP UP of Collective
42 Jobs Lane


Summer Bags and Clutches

Bags are one of my favorite accessories and summer is a great time to treat yourself to something fabulous for the city, beach or an evening out. And I am not talking about splurging on hugely expensive designer bag, tempting as that is.   I’m thinking of a wide selection of stylish beauties that won’t break the bank.


bergdorf mansur graviel 595

Mansur Graviel at Bergdorfs, $595

Loeffler Randall tote 450

Loeffler Randall, $450


Ralph Lauren, $198

Massimo Dutti Raffia Tote 99.90

Massimo Dutti, $99

Marr y sol valencia tote 150

Mar Y Sol, $150



J. Crew Kayu Kama Tote - 115

J Crew, $115

Mar Y sol Tote, 150

Mar Y Sol, $150

Madewell corsica straw beach tote 49.50

Madewell, $49.50

Roberta freyman mac tote 95

Roberta Freymann, $95

Massimo Dutti Cotton Tote 49.90

Massimo Dutti, $49.90

Anthroplogie tote

Anthropologie, $112

Straw studio color block straw bag 64.80

Straw Studio, $64.80


Kaste Spade Hallie Tote 268

Kate Spade, $268

J. Crew Kayu envelop bag 125

J Crew, $125

Robert Freyman square cluth 65

Roberta Freymann $65

Robert Freuyam raffia clutch 145

Roberta Freymann, $145

Robert Freyman fiesta pom pom clutch 125

Roberta Freymann, $125

anthro 198

Anthroplogie, $198

anthro swim

Anthroplogie, $68

A bag for every occasion and mood.

Happy Shopping!

Creative finds at Michelle Farmer Collaborate in Bridgehampton

I have been a big fan of Michelle Farmer’s store in Bridgehampton for a few years, so it’s about time to tell you about it. The store is filled with her own designs of stylish, cool, and wearable day, and evening clothing, along with gorgeous pieces from designers you may not have heard of, or seen elsewhere.

What makes this store different from others is Michelle’s focus on collaborating with new and up-and-coming designers that are just beginning to circulate their creations. I fell in love with several pieces from brands that were unfamiliar to me, like Hemant & Nandita from India, Koch from US and Purolino from Italy.

I tried on some pieces that caught my eye just to give you a sense of some of the treasures you will find.



Hemant & Nandita, pleated silk skirt with a beaded waist – original and beautiful


I am in love with this linen dress from Purolino. Love the shawl collar and the balloon hem;
a classic with a twist.


Lots of pretty accessories


Swimwear, lovely hats and anything you want for the beach


Linen shawls in sherbet colors from Purolino


Michelle Farmer’s signature pear necklace. This is one of many beautiful designs.

If you are looking for fabulous beachwear, easy-breezy daywear and chic evening wear; and want to stand out for your creative eye, this is the shop to visit.  It was very refreshing to browse through merchandise that you won’t find in every store in the area!

 Michelle Farmer Collaborate has stores in Palm Beach and Puerto Rico.  If you want to see more, check out her stylish website here


Michelle Farmer Collaborate
2491 Montauk Highway